In order to meet the field requirement the metering organization regularly procures different types of meters and metering equipment. These are regularly received in ME Labs from different vendors and then issued to field as per their requirement .Similarly defective meters/metering equipment from field is also received in ME Labs and is again issued after repair in lab or after getting it repaired from vendors if its warranty has not expired .Receipt/issue details are given below:
a) Receipt and issue of Stock meters and Metering equipments 2008-09.

Sr. No. Description of material Receipt Issue
1. Single Phase Static Energy meters 4,30,000 4,29,257
2. Three Phase Static Energy meters 72,500 47,662
3. LT/CT/DTC meters 1,946 809
4. DTC cubicles 0 19
5. Trivector Static Energy meters(HT) 31 1,327
6. Grid meters 4 18
7. 11 KV CT /PT units 1,501 1,384
8. Single Phase MCBs 2,51,629 2,27,932
9. Three Phase MCBs 62,500 39,075
10. LT/CT sets 795 1,178

b) Repair & Testing of Meters 2008-09.

Sr. No. Description of material Receipt Issue
1. Single Phase Static Energy meters 2,99,004 1,15,379
2. Three Phase Static Energy meters 39,990 13,531
3. Single Phase Electronic meters
4. Three Phase Electronic meters
5. LT/HT meters 1645/255 1,099/116
6. Single Phase Private meters 45,379 44,417
7. Three Phase Private meters 5,175 4,713
8. LT/HT Pvt meters 7/10 7/9
9. Sub-station private meters 0 0


Metering Organisation

1. Metering organization headed by Engineer-in-Chief/Metering is providing quality and accurate meters and Metering equipment within the Punjab State supported by Dy. Chief Engineer/Head-quarter-cum Metering, S.E./Metering Circle, Jalandhar, Five no. Sr. Xens for various ME divisions along with other staff. Procurement of all the equipments is done by EIC/Metering and Two nos. Sr. Xens along with other staff at the head quarter. Receipt ,testing & issue of meters & Metering equipment is being done by S.E./Metering, Jalandhar and 15 nos. M.E. Labs as detailed below:

A) M.E. Division, PSEB, Amritsar

  1. ME Lab., Verka
  2. ME Lab., Amritsar
  3. ME Lab., Batala
  4. ME Lab., Gurdaspur

B) M.E. Division, PSEB, Ludhiana

  1. ME Lab., Ludhiana
  2. ME Lab., Gobindgarh

C) M.E. Division, PSEB, Patiala

  1. ME Lab., Patiala
  2. ME Lab., Ropar
  3. ME Lab., Sangrur

D) M.E. Division, PSEB, Bhatinda

  1. ME Lab., Bhatinda
  2. ME Lab., Moga
  3. ME Lab., Mukatsar

E) M.E. Division, PSEB, Jallandhar

  1. ME Lab., Jalandhar
  2. ME Lab., Gorayan
  3. ME Lab., Kartarpur
  4. ME Lab., Hoshiarpur

2. For modernization of ME Labs, fully automatic meter test benches and other sophisticated equipments are being made available for high accuracy testing equipments.

3. All electro-mechanical meters installed at premises of consumers are being replaced with Electronic meters.

4. Target for the testing of single phase and three phase electro-mechanical meters obtained from the field for the year 2009-10.

(i) Single Phase meter= 11, 00,000

ii) Three Phase meter= 90,000 All LT/CT, HT/TPT meters and 11 KV CT /PT units received are tested in Labs. situated at divisional Head quarters. Lots of all single phase and three phase static whole current meters are tested in ME Labs for their accuracy and other tests after receipt from vendors and before issue to field .


Chief Engineer/Metering,
P.S.E. /B., Patiala .