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Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS)

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited
Public Relations Office
Press Note, Patiala 10 Sept. 19

As per the directions of Hon’ble CM Punjab, Capt Amarinder Singh, in view of the hardships faced by farmers of the State due to depletion of water table leading to requirement of higher capacity motor and keeping in view the economic condition of farmers, Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) has been launched on 27.08.2019 which is open up to 31.10.2019, for extension of load by farmers for tubewell motors as well as for extension of household and commercial load. PSPCL Commercial Circular no. 44/2019 and 45/2019 dated 27.08.2019 containing detailed terms & conditions have already stand issued.

Response of AP Consumers to VDS for extension in load is overwhelming and farmers are coming to special camps being organised by PSPCL field offices as the procedure has been simplified and cost has been significantly reduced. Similarly, Domestic and Commercial supply consumers are also availing this opportunity for extension of load. These measures would help PSPCL assess accurate demand and make suitable arrangements for reliable supply of power. Further as per the directions of Hon’ble CM Punjab, PSPCL has issued instructions for upgradation of infrastructure like transformers & conductors etc. on priority for those consumers who are coming forward for extension of load.

As per VDS, for extension of load farmers will have to deposit Rs. 2,500/- per BHP instead of existing prescribed rate of Rs. 4,750/- per BHP i.e. for extension of load of tube well motor by 5 BHP, farmer will have to pay Rs. 15,080/- less.

For AP Consumers: Increase of load extension of 5 BHP

Sr. no. Charges Head Charges to be paid by applicant –During VDS Charges to be paid by AP consumer if excess load detected by PSPCL – After VDS
1. Penalty Surcharge on un-authorized load detected Exempted Rs. 3,730/-

(i.e. Rs. 746/- per BHP)

2. Service Connection Charges (SCC) Rs. 12,500/-

(i.e. Rs. 2,500/- per BHP)

Rs. 23,750/-

(i.e. Rs. 4,750/- per BHP)

3. Security (consumption) Rs. 1,000/-

(i.e. Rs. 200/- per BHP)

Rs. 1,000/-

(i.e. Rs. 200/- per BHP)

4. Processing Fees Exempted Rs. 100/-
Total Rs. 13,500 Rs. 28,580/-

Similarly for Domestic and Commercial consumers the Service Connection Charges (SCC) have been reduced by 50% for extension in load i.e. instead of existing loadwise Service Connection Charges of Rs. 450 to Rs. 1750/-, Domestic consumers will have to pay SCC rates of Rs. 225 to Rs. 875/- only and instead of existing loadwise Service Connection Charges of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1600/-, Commercial consumers will have to pay SCC rates of Rs. 500 to Rs. 800/- only.

Consumer Category Load/Demand Fixed Charges During VDS Fixed Charges After VDS SAVING
Domestic Up to 2kW Rs. 225/kW Rs. 450/kW Rs. 225/kW
Above 2 kW & upto 7 kW Rs. 500/kW Rs. 1000/kW Rs. 500/kW
Above 7 kW & upto 50 kW Rs. 750/kW Rs. 1500/kW Rs. 750/kW
Above 50 kW & upto 100 kW/kVA Rs. 875/kVA Rs. 1750/kVA Rs. 875/kVA
Commercial Upto 7 kW Rs. 500/kW Rs. 1000/kW Rs. 500/kW
Above 7 kW & upto 20 kW Rs. 800/kW Rs. 1600/kW Rs. 800/kW
Above 20 kW & upto 50 kW/kVA Rs. 800/kVA Rs. 1600/kVA Rs. 800/kVA

This VDS scheme is closing on 31/10/2019 and all Agriculture, Domestic & commercial consumers desirous of extending their load should avail this golden opportunity otherwise they will have to pay load surcharge in addition to higher charges as per rules if excess load is detected by PSPCL.

Issued by Public Relations Office/PSPCL,Patiala

PRESS NOTE 91 September 10,2019