UBDC Project Stage-III (85 MW)

Sr. No. Parameter Remarks
1) Location UBDC Hydel Channel Stage-III will take off at RD 65000 (left) of UBDC Main & will  fall into River Beas Down Stream Shally Pattan.
2) Main Features: Two Power Houses shall be set up giving additional Installed Capacity of 85 MUs.
3) No. of Power Houses. 2
4) No. of Units: PH-I = 3 Units
PH-II =2 Units
5) Total generating capacity 3×16.4 + 2×18 = 85 MW
6) Gross Head: PH -I = 17.03 M
PH-II =23.195M
7) Type of Development Run off River
8) Commissioning: By the end of 2015-16
9) Cost of Project: Rs. 1088 Crore ( 2009  level)
10) Total Energy Contribution Annually 510 MUs
11) Cost per unit: Rs. 2.49
12) Present Status

Project stands allocated to M/s Bhilwara Energy Ltd. Noida for its execution on BOOT basis at agreed tariff of Rs.2.49 per Kwh. M/s Bhilwara Energy Ltd. has submitted the PPA. But PPA is not as per implementation agreement. Firm is not rectifying the PPA as per implementation agreement. Notice to terminate the agreement has been served to M/s Bhilwara Energy Ltd. Agenda to put up the case to BODs to terminate the agreement is under preparation.