Proposed Mukerian Hydel Project-III (50 MW)

Sr. No. Parameter Remarks
1) Location This project is proposed to be executed at tail race of Mukerian Hydel Channel-II before escaping into river BEAS at Harike Barrage.
2) Main Features: The Project will harness residual /balance potential energy of Mukerian Hydel Channel after Mukerian Hydel Project stage-II before falling into the river at Harike Barrage.
3) No. of Power Houses. 4
(i)  Bhikhowal
(ii)  Gorsian
(iii) Raipur Arian
(iv) Kishansinghwala
4) No. of Units: 4 (1 each at above Power Houses)
5) Total generating capacity 9+11+10+12= 42 MW
(i)  Bhikhowal – 9MW
(ii)  Gorsian  –   11MW
(iii) Raipur Arian – 10MW
(iv) Kishansinghwala- 12MW
6) Gross /Design Head: (i)  Bhikhowal – 4.2 m
(ii)  Gorsian  –  5.32m
(iii) Raipur Arian – 4.6m
(iv) Kishansinghwala- 5.51m
7) Design Discharge: (i)  Bhikhowal – 274 cumecs
(ii)  Gorsian  –  277.12 cumecs
(iii) Raipur Arian – 272.12cumecs
(iv) Kishansinghwala- 272.12cumecs
8) Type of Development Run of canal
9) Commissioning: Under Consideration
10) Cost of Project: Rs. 517 Crore ( 2011  level)
11) Total Energy Contribution Annually 246.51MUs
12) Cost per unit: Rs.3.98
13) Present Status

The pre-feasibility report prepared by AHEC Roorkee is very sketchy and proposal of PEDA differs from the AHEC report. Accordingly clarification from irrigation deptt. regarding final proposal to be accepted has been sought.