Mukerian Hydel Project Stage-II (18 MW)

Sr. No. Parameter Remarks
1) Location To be situated at RD- 880M of newly built channel of approx, 3.5 Km length, off taking from RD-35500m of Mukerian Hydel Channel of MHP Stage-I of maximum carrying capacity 11,500 Cusecs.
2) Main Features: Project envisages to provide a permanent outfall structure for the Mukerian Hydel Channel Stage-I in to river Beas & additionally to generate power.
3) No. of Power Houses. One
4) No. of Units: Two
5) Total generating capacity 2x 9 = 18 MW
6) Designed net Head: Approx. 8.23M
7) Design Discharge: 311.485 cumecs
8) Type of Development Run-of-the canal
9) Commissioning: June – 2015
10) Cost of Project: Approx. 302.43 Cr.
11) Total energy contribution annually 214.85 MUs at 89.85% Load Factor.
12) Cost per unit: Approx. Rs. 1.92 per unit
13) Cost of the Project: Rs. 303.43 Crore (Approx.)
14) Present status i) Funds for execution have been arranged  as loan from REC.
ii) The Electro mechanical works are to be executed by BHEL on EPC basis for which order was placed in May,2004.
iii) During the construction and excavation activities problem of excess underground water was experienced due to eruption of artesian well which caused delays.
iv)  Now the civil work is being done by  M/s P&R INFRA-Projects Chandigarh & is in full swing