TA & I (Tech. Audit and Inspection)

Chief Engineer /Technical Audit & Inspection .

Technical Audit & Inspection Wing in PSEB is responsible not only for quality control of the material being inspected by Inspectors but also motivates the field officers for exercising quality control for improving the quality of work being executed by PSEB by the way of regular checking. The Technical Audit & Inspection Organization also ensures proper use of material for execution of works. To achieve the purpose three units headed by Dy.C.E/Directors/SE have been created under CE/T.A & I. These units are as under:-

  • Inspection Unit (Material Services) presently headed by Dy.CE/MS
  • Technical Audit Unit (Electrical) presently headed by Director./Tech Audit (E)
  • Technical Audit Unit (Civil) presently headed by Director/ Tech Audit (Civil)


Under Inspection Wing the material is got inspected immediately after the receipt of Inspection Requisition against the orders placed by Chief Engineer/MM, Chief Engineer/Metering, Chief Engineer/RE&APDRP and CE/Workshop by deputing Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens/Inspection. The inspection of the material is done in accordance with provision in Indian Standard/PSEB specifications & Purchase Order. The inspection reports are scrutinized and there after the dispatches are allowed by the Competent Authority. Transformers repaired by various Transformer Repair Workshops (TRWs) of PSEB are also checked/tested by Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens/TRT who are also the part of the inspection wing. Inspection of the material carried out by this wing during the financial year 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09 is as under :-

(Material Inspected during the financial Year)

Sr. No. Description 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
1. Total No of inspections conducted(Nos.) 2742 2770 3405 3578
2. Total length of conductor (ACSR) inspected (Kms) 53277 45524 53324 37760
3. Total no of T/F inspected (nos) 60258 80086 100565 166891
4. Total no. of meters inspected(nos.) 587883 532929 356600
5. Total no. of poles inpected (nos) 372697 197379 334219 221888
6. Total length of cable inspected(Kms) 11207 10114 10636 9741

Apart from the above, the inspection of other misc. items like GO Switches, insulators, DPC wires and strips, Nut & Bolts, structure steel, T/F oil, ACs, vehicles & stationery etc. have also been conducted. While conducting the inspection, the material such as conductor, cables, transformers & other items have been rejected in 155 no. cases during 2005-06, 182 no. cases during 2006-07 and 123 no. cases during 2007-08 and 111 No. cases during 2008-09..

Regular meetings of all the officers of inspection wing are held for technical interaction, improvement in working, discussing suggestions & monitoring the progress. Instructions/guidelines are issued from time to time to bring improvement in the quality control system.

The job of works appraisals of the firms who participate for the first time in PSEB for the supply of any item of material required for distribution system is being done by Dy.CE/MS besides it other officers on the panel under direct supervision of CE/TA&I, for evaluating the technical & financial suitability of the firm towards supply of material by actually visiting the firm premises.

B) Technical Audit Unit (Electrical)

This unit investigates the complaints received directly from the public or forwarded by higher authorities and submits the reports to the competent authority for decision. Further more, this unit conducts the checking of following jobs on monthly basis:

  • Physical verification of material drawn from store and used at site.
  • Petty purchase expenditure by the Sub Division.
  • Physical verification of material received in various stores.
  • Checking the compliance of computerized key exception reports, job orders, ME-I & ME-II registers, compliance of Boards instructions and other misc. works.
  • Checking of quality and calibration of energy meters.

The progress achieved during financial year 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 & 2008-09 is as under:-

Sr. No. Description Progress acheived during the Financial Year  
2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
1. No. of inspections done 510 445 373 503
2. No. of complaints dealt 127 98 131 117
3. No. of officers/officials penalized 108 134 135 291

Further more, on checking the quality of material received in stores, in cases where defects are found in material viz. cables, insulators, G.O.Switches and ACSR etc. defective material is not accepted and the firms are suitably penalized by sending strong signal of ?No compromise in quality of material by PSEB”

Checking of works by Technical Audit Unit is done in such a manner that some of the area in every division is covered so that fear of existence of surprise check persists for all the field officers/officials of the PSEB.

Depending upon work load some of the works appraisals are also assigned to Director/Tech. Audit for evaluating the technical and financial suitability to the firms who participated for the first time in PSEB for supply of material.

C) Technical Audit Unit (Civil):-

  • The completion of Civil works of all the Sub-Stations in the field are checked by TAO. Deficiencies if any are pointed out which are got removed towards final settlement. 12,43 & 18 Nos. completions of works have been checked by Technical Audit during the financial year 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09 respectively.
  • Civil works already done are selected at random and their quality of execution and maintenance is checked as per rules and regulations. Deficiency, if any, is intimated to the Competent Authority and accordingly administrative action is taken against the officers/officials. In this regard, 12 No. divisions during financial year 2006-07, 32 No. during financial year 2007-08 and 21 No. during financial year 2008-09 pertaining to P&M,Distribution Organisationand TLSC have been checked and 9 No. officers/officials have been penalized.
  • Technical Audit of PCC poles manufacturing workshops has also been taken in hand and being checked peridically.
  • Physical verification of the coal lying at PSEB Thermal Plants is done quarterly and report sent to Competent Authority for further action.
  • Some of the firm’s works appraisals relating to civil material are also assigned to Director/Technical Audit (Civil).
  • Further more, complaints regarding civil works are also investigated thoroughly by Technical Audit (Civil) and reports are put up to the Competent Authority. In this regard 5 No. complaints have been investigated during financial year 2006-07, 13 No. during financial year 2007-08 and 9 No. during financial year 2008-09.
  • Special checking of 11 KV feeders for use of embedded earth wire was conducted by Technical Audit and report submitted to the competent authority. The instructions were issued to all the five Zones of DS organizations to make use of earth wire provided in PCC poles thus thereby saving more than Rs.70 lacs per year.

It is pertinent to add further that Technical Audit (Civil) also hold meetings

with field officers in routine for technical inspection and sounding the field officers regarding maintaining of quality of the works so that field officers may remain cautious and alert.

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