Power Tariff in Punjab is less than that most of other states: Gurpreet Singh Kangar

Power Tariff in Punjab is less than that most of other states: Gurpreet Singh Kangar

PRESS NOTE,PATIALA February 17,2019

Gurpreet Singh Kangar, Minister of Power, New and Renewable Energy Sources, Punjab stated that it is a matter of pride for all of us that today Punjab is self-reliant in power and is providing uninterrupted power to its valuable & esteemed electricity consumers. S. Kangar mentioned that in addition to supplying free power to agriculture consumers and providing uninterrupted 8 hr supply during paddy season, Punjab State Government has introduced industry friendly policies including offering a retail tariff of Rs. 5 per unit to industry and Rs. 1.25/unit rebate on consumption from 10.00 PM to 06.00 AM (next day) during 1st October to 31st March. Such measures have yielded good result and more than 10% increase in Industrial consumption has been recorded during 2018-19 so far.

However, from last few days, absolutely baseless slandering campaign has been launched by some opportunist politically motivated persons in Punjab that Electricity supply charges are very high and inflated electricity bills are being issued to consumers. Whereas, correct and vetted electricity bills are being issued as per tariff order issued by Hon’ble Punjab State Regulatory Commission, Chandigarh.  Power Minister intimated that in case any consumer doubt that his bill is not correct and is being charged more, he may approach concerned sub-division or  register his complaint at 1912 .

S.Kangar stated that as per promise made by  Punjab State Government, Rs. 6256 Crores subsidy for Agriculture consumers, Rs. 1440 Crores subsidy for Industrial Consumers and Rs. 1253 Crores to subsidize SC, Non-SC BPL, Backward Class & Freedom Fighter  Domestic Consumers have been provisioned. Total about Rs 9000 Crores subsidy for FY 2018-19 to support following subsidised tariffs is being granted to esteemed electricity consumers:

Consumer category Subsidized Tariff
Agriculture Consumers Free power
SC, Non-SC BPL, Backward Class Domestic Consumers Free 200 units per month with connected load upto One kilowatt
Industry under Invest Punjab Overall rate of Rs. 4.99/unit for all new/prospective industries
Small Power (SP)  Consumers Overall rate of Rs.4.99/unit with zero fixed charges
Large Supply & Medium Supply Industrial Consumers Energy charges at Rs. 5.00/unit
Freedom Fighters Domestic Consumers Free 300 units per month

S Kangar stated that GOP understands that Agriculture sector is backbone of state economy and various type of Agriculture consumers irrespective of their caste or class are provided with free power. It is worth noting that about 12000 MUs Energy is supplied annually to agriculture pump sets free of cost in Punjab whereas National capital state Delhi supplying only about 30 MUs (about 0.25 % of Punjab supply)  to agriculture  pumpsets, is not able to deliver free of cost power.  It is pertinent to mention here that electricity tariff in Punjab State is less than that most of other states. He pointed out that vested interests are misrepresenting about tariff of Delhi being far lesser than Punjab whereas facts are totally different. The comparison of two parts of electricity tariff of Punjab & Delhi is as under:-

Category Punjab Delhi Punjab Delhi Remarks
Fixed Charges per KW/KVA (Rs.) Energy Rate Per unit (Rs.)
Agriculture  Free Rs. 125/ Free 1.50
Domestic Rs. 25 to 70/-


Rs. 125 to 250/ 4.91 to 7.33 3.00 to 7.75 Punjab is supplying 200 units per month  free to SC, Non-SC BPL, Backward Class Domestic Consumers and 300 units per month to Freedom fighters whereas Delhi subsidizes consumption @ Rs. 2 per unit for 0- 400 units only and additional subsidy of Rs. 100 per connection for  consumption of  100 units only.
Commercial  Rs. 40 to 110/- Rs. 250/- 6.27 to  7.24 8.00
Industry: GOP is subsidizing Industry to the extent that SP consumers pay Energy Charges @ Rs. 4.99 only and MS/LS consumers are paying @ Rs. 5.00 per unit in Punjab. Further no fixed charge are to be paid by SP Consumers
Small  Power Rs. 75/- Rs. 250/-  


Medium Supply Rs. 115/- Rs. 250/- 5.72 7.25
Large Supply-Gen Rs. 150 to Rs. 240/- Rs. 250/- 5.81-5.90 7.25
Large Supply-PIU RS. 155 to Rs. 280/- Rs. 250/- 5.81-5.90 7.25

Power Minister stated that for free supply to SC, Non-SC BPL, Backward Class Domestic Consumers with 1 KW load, overall consumption for whole year was capped at 3000 Units which was  causing hardship, has now been done away with in last cabinet meeting on 31-01-2019 and now consumers shall continue to receive free power up to 200 units per month and pay only for consumption over & above 200 units per month .

He also highlighted that Circle Level Control Rooms for redressal of consumer complaint regarding electricity bills are already in function. The committee of distribution and  billing office of the concerned area take prompt action in coordination with any other concerned office for redressal of complaint of the consumers within stipulated period.

He added that  some anti government elements are just misguiding the citizens with their false politically motivated agendas to spoil image of Punjab Government, whereas our government always remains on top to provide every type of citizen centric services.

Press Note No 46 dated February 17,2019

Issued by Dy.Secy.P.R./PSPCL,Patiala

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