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Power Minister Gurpreet Singh Kangar issued directions to expedite disciplinary Cases

Power Minister Gurpreet Singh Kangar issued directions to expedite disciplinary Cases

Press Note, Patiala Sept.12, 2018

In a news Item titled “Meter tampering loss Rs. 250 Crore, PSPCL sits on scam” appeared in a section of press on 10-09-2018, wherein it has been reported that loss of Rs. 250 Crore has taken place in past 5 years in different cities.
S. Gurpreet Singh Kangar, Minister of Power, GoP sought a report on the above news item from PSPCL and as per that report, certain unscrupulous officials of Sub-divisions at Patiala, Malerkotla, Nabha, Sangrur, Barnala & Ludhiana in connivance with some consumers made reversal entries in the billing account in the computerized billing system. As per report offices indicated in the press where frauds have been reported, the amount involved is Rs. 5.32 Crores not Rs. 250 Crores as reported in the press, out of which Rs. 3.65 Crores stand recovered.
Giving details, Minister of Power further told that PSPCL has been invariably vigorously following up any case of fraud that comes to light and invariably police is asked to register FIR and in addition departmental proceedings are initiated against errant officials, along with all out efforts to recover the amount of loss. Minister said that the case of bill reversal of West/Model Town division Patiala surfaced in 2016 and based on preliminary inquiry, PSPCL suspended 9 no. official including one SDO found to be prima facie involved. Moreover, CE/ South Zone, PSPCL wrote to Police authorities vide memo no. 715/CE/PA(S) dated 12/09/2016 to register an FIR and also ask IT wing of Punjab Police to conduct thorough probe in all SAP towns. Matter was initially investigated by Cyber Crime Cell of Punjab Police Patiala and the same was finally registered as FIR no. 148 date 19.07.2017 against delinquent officers/officials. In parallel, PSPCL had constituted a committee of Chief Engineer/Enforcement, Chief Engineer/Technical Audit and Chief Auditor to investigate the bill reversal scam. As per report of this investigative committee disciplinary proceeding were started by issuing Charge Sheets to 9 officials.
To corroborate the effort made by PSPCL, he gave detail of cases reported to Police/ FIR lodged against fraud and bill reversal reported/exposed and amount of recovery after exposure of “2016 bill reversal case” as under:

Sr. no. Name of the office Amount of Fraud accessed (Rs. in Lacs) Amount recovered as on date (Rs. in Lacs) Action taken
1. West/Model Town Patiala 19.04 19.04 FIR no. 148 date 19.07.2017 stand registered against 5 no. officers/officials
2. Malerkotla City-1 4.07 Nil Matter under investigation by Police.
3. Sub-Urban Sub Division Nabha 54.52 Nil FIR no. 81 dated 15.08.2018 stand registered against 3 no. officers/officials
4. Mehlan Sub Division 17.19 6.00 FIR has been logged on 04.08.2018
5. Sherpur-1 Sub Division 4.39 4.39 Matter under investigation by Police, FIR not registered yet.
6. Commercial 1 & 2 Subdivision Bathinda 29.53 3.50 RA has been suspended.
7. Sundar Nagar unit 1 & 2 Ludhiana 31.73 31.73 RA has been suspended. Matter under investigation by Police, FIR not registered yet.
8. Sahnewal Sub Division Ludhiana 371.90 300.00 RA has been suspended. Matter under investigation by Police, FIR not registered yet.
  Total 532.37 364.66

Above details clearly indicate due diligence by PSPCL and it is clear that full recoveries have been made for frauds committed at West Division, Patiala, Sherpur 1 Sub Division and Sunder Nagar 1&2, Ludhiana and an amount of Rs. 3.0 crore against total amount of Rs 3.72 crore has already been recovered at Sahnewal Sub Division, Ludhiana.
Er. Baldev Singh Sran, CMD PSPCL said that some of the possible reasons of frauds /irregularities in SAP have been highlighted by investigation agencies. Special audit of all reversal entries is being carried out. As follow up, instructions have been circulated to stop single step alteration of entry/transaction in the SAP system, certain transfer codes have been disabled and like banks, two stage Customer relationship management (CRM) process has been implemented, in which Cashier on daily basis will initiate the reversal process and concerned RA/SDO will approve. For reversal of any debit entry, RA will initiate the reversal process and concerned SDO will approve. Moreover on transfer, officers/officials have to forgo the right of access to domain that was under their charge and acquire new rights as per their new posting. Committee of officers has been constituted to suggest improvement in IT system to avoid such scams.
S. Kangar further said that he has issued directions to PSPCL to expedite proceedings of disciplinary cases to bring the guilty to the book and hand over punishment commensurate with severity of misconduct and irregularities as well as follow up with police authorities at highest level to get FIRs registered in pending cases and accelerate investigation in FIRs already registered to expose culprits and their misdeeds to take the matter to its logical conclusion.

Issued by Dy.Secy.P.R.
Press Note no 31 Dated Sept.12,2018

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