Power demand has increased by 33% Power demand is being monitored minutely: Er. B.S. Sran

Power demand has increased by 33% Power demand is being monitored minutely: Er. B.S. Sran

Public Relations Office
PRESS NOTE, Patiala June 22,2018

With start of paddy season in  Punjab, the demand of electricity has drastically increased by 33% as compared to last year 2017, this was disclosed by Er. Baldev Singh Sran CMD PSPCL here today. He said that on June 21,2018 PSPCL has successfully met with consumption of 2398.08 LUs as compared to 1804.73 LUs  on June 21,2017.

He said that the peak demand on June 21, 2018 was 10832 MW whereas it was 8819 MW on June 21, 2017.

He informed that the inlet flow and water level of the Hydel projects of PSPCL has gone down resulting in reduced Hydel generation. PSPCL Hydel Projects have generated 128.65 LUs on June 21,2018 as compared to 181.89 LUs generated on June 21,2017. Besides this the share from BBMB has gone down too, on June 21,2018 the BBMB share was 141.81 LUs as compared to 156.30 LUs on June 21,2017.  He said that  Goindwal Thermal Plant is contributing nil power availability to Punjab against the anticipated 491 MW.

Er. Sran also disclosed that as per long term agreements ,PSPCL is not getting it share from the four Centre sector plants i.e 2 Units of Damodar Valley Corporation(RTPS),(184 MW), One Unit of Rihand (50MW),Two Units of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited, Mundra (208 MW) and one unit of Sasan (50 MW).

Despite above constraints PSPCL has been able to meet the energy requirements of the state. PSPCL Thermal Plants at Ropar and Lehra Mohabbat  has generated 365 LUs on June 21,2018 as compared to 142.95 LUs on June  21,2017. Similarly Rajpura and Talwandi Saboo private Thermal Plants have also contributed higher generation.

Further, Er. Sran informed that 1700 MW of power have been made available under banking arrangements. Er. Sran also informed that the power demand is being monitored minutely and in case of any further requirement the same shall be met through short term purchases.

Issued by Dy.Secy.Public Relations,PSPCL,Patiala
PRESS NOTE 15 DATED June 22,2018