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Download Forms

Sr. No. Performa for E-Tendering Download Form
1. Registration Form for Digital Signature Certificate (New & Renew) PDF Icon
2. Letter For Verification PDF Icon
3. Important Instructions PDF Icon
4. User Creation Form PDF Icon
Sr. No. Performa for Consumer Download Form
1. Procedure For Release Of New Connection / Additional Load / Demand
2. CS-1(R) – Requisition Form For Industrial/Bulk Supply Loads Exceeding 500 KW.
3. CS-1- Application and Agreement Form For Loads up to 100 KW.
4. CS-1(A) – Application and Agreement Form for Release of General Service Connection (DS/NRS).
5. CS-1(HT/EHT) – Agreement for High Tension and Extra High Tension Supply.
6. Agreement for Street Lighting
7. Documents to be submitted by a partnership firm or company
8. Indeminity bond all categories with load above 100KW
9. CS-5 – Demand Notice.
10. Salient Features of VDS for DS/NRS.
11. Salient Features of VDS for A.P. Connection.
Sr. No. Performa for Employees Download Form
1. IdentityCard PDF Icon
2. HR Data Form PDF Icon
3. Performa A & B of updation of HR data PDF Icon
4. HRA PDF Icon
5. GPF
1) GPF(Final payment.Nomination and Affidavit)
2) GPF(Final Payment.)
3) GPF(Advance payment.)
PDF Icon
6. CPF Forms
a) Application for Allotment of PRAN                                  Instructions for fill PRAN FORM
b) Application for Allotment of PRAN (Annexures)
c) Request for Change/Correction in Subscribe Master details
d) New Pension Scheme Ledger Folio (Annexure V)
e) Specimen Copy of New Pension Scheme Ledger Folio (Annexure V)
f) NPS/CPF Final Withdrawal form after Resignation
g) CPF Final Withdrawal form after Superannuation
h) CPF Final Withdrawal form after Death
i) Additional Documents Required along with WithDrawal Form in Case of Death of NPS Employee
j) Partial Withdrawal form for Tier I account under NPS
k) Inter Sector Shifting
PDF Icon
7. Cashless Medical Insurance Policy

  1. Letter
  2. Performa
PDF Icon
8. Performa for Revision of Pension PDF Icon
9. To Revise the pension w.e .f 1.1.2006 PDF Icon
10. Regarding Revised Commutation of Pensioners w.e .f 1.1.2006 PDF Icon
11. Annual Confidential Report (ACR)Forms

  1. For Engineering Officers
  2. For General Cadre Officers
  3. For Non-Gazatted
  4. For Technical Estt.
  5. For Drawing Estt.
  6. For IV Class
  7. For Driver
  8. For Accounts Cadre Officers
  9. For Divnl/SAS Accountant
  10. For ARA/RA/Revenue Supdt.
  11. For Junior Engineer
  12. For JEs (SSO/SSA)
PDF Icon
12. Property Return Performa PDF Icon
13. Application for Grant of Compassionate Appointment/Solatium PDF Icon
14. Application for Earned Leave PDF Icon
15. Performa For Requisition Of Vehicle PDF Icon
16. Undertaking Regarding Mobile & Landline Phone Bills PDF Icon
Sr. No. Pension Forms and Instructions Download Form
1. IdentityCard PDF Icon
2. HR Data Form for Pensioners PDF Icon
3. General Instructions PDF Icon
4. Instructions for Filling Pension Application Form. PDF Icon
5. Application Forms for Any Other Type of Retirement PDF Icon
6. Application Forms for Family Pension (Incase of Death of Retiree) PDF Icon
7. Application Forms for Family Pension (In case of Death During Service) PDF Icon
8. Proforma of Life Certificate PDF Icon
9. Exgrotia Grant form PDF Icon

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