Being introduced now to remain valid up to 30.6.2004:-

(i)         AP consumers who got AP connections released under general or any other priority category shall deposit Rs.4000 per BHP for all types of motors for unauthorized loads irrespective of the type of pumpset installed.

ii)         ACD @ Rs.200/- per BHP for the extension in load shall be deposited.

(iii)       The regularization shall be done immediately as deemed regularization on detection of unauthorized load or self declaration by the consumer regarding unauthorized load. The formalities regarding submission of the sanction of A&A forms shall be done later on. The consumer shall install the shunt capacitors of requisite capacity as per the total load and the test report should indicate the installation of such a capacitor.

(iv)       No load surcharge on self declaration or detection through checking shall be recovered from the AP consumers during the validity of the scheme.

(v)        Augmentation of the line and distribution transformer, wherever required after its close verification by Sr.Xen/Op concerned shall be done by PSEB at its cost. For the purpose of regularization of the load, the loading of the transformers may be taken as 100% instead of the existing 80%. Secondly, in case with the addition of unauthorized load the loading becomes beyond 100%, the transformer up to 63/100 KVA may be installed on the existing pole mounting sub-station with the prior approval of SE/Op

(vi)          The scheme shall remain valid up to 30.6.2004 . After the closure of the scheme in case tube well consumer is detected to have installed unauthorized  load or himself declares the unauthorized load, his case for regularization of unauthorized load shall be considered provided he pays the consumption charges for the last six months in addition to the regularization charges mentioned in Para (i) & (ii) above.

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