1. Checking of Out of warranty period damaged transformers Estimates.
  2. Checking of Annual Estimates and Special Estimates of Vehicles.
  3. Checking of Estimates of Buildings and repairs and other Miscellaneous Jobs.
  4. Preparation of Monthly Returns & Quarterly Returns.
  5. Preparation of WWP (within warranty Period) damaged transformers Lifted & Unlifted relating to Purchase Order & Repair Contract.
  6. Quarterly return of WWP (within warranty period) damaged transformers lying with various Stores.
  7. Preparation of Return of OWP (out of warranty period) damaged transformers of various Capacities lying in various Stores.
  8. Deals with Survey Off reports of Vehicles.
  9. Preparation of Monthly return of Healthy Parts lying in various Stores.
  10. Deals with Interest charges calculations of Late repairs and late lifting of transformers within warranty period and out of warranty period.
  11. Allocation of OWP (Out of warranty period) Transformers for repairs to various Firms.
  12. Deals with the Arbitration cases and Industrial Facilitations
  13. Councils (SSI) cases.
  14. Disposal and Final Adjustments of SVRs.
  15. Preparation of Man-Power Data of S&D, Organization.
1. OFFICERS:-    
a) Engineer/Tech 56 48
b) General/Admn. 05 04
c) Accountants 02 02
a) Line Staff 02 --
b) Others 337 292
3) CLASS-IV :-    
a) Total Regular Staff 454 240
b) Work-Charge & Daily wages 324 308
  (Including TRYs)    
  TOTAL MAN POWER 1180 894

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