Chap-01 Particulars of Organisation, Functions & Duties The Electricity Act,2003
Chap-02 Powers & Duties of Officers & Employees Powers & Duties
Chap-03 Procedure For Decision Making
Chap-04 Norms for Discharge of Functions
Chap-05 Rules Regulations, Instructions manual & Records
Chap-06 Statement of categories of Documents
Chap-07 Particulars For Arrangement for consultation
Chap-08 Statement of Boards & Other Bodies
Chap-09 Directory of Officers & Employees
Chap-10 Remuneration Received (Monthly) Remuneration
Chap-11 Budget Allocated to Each Agency Budget of 2009-2010 Budget of 2010-2011
Chap-12 Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programme Subsidy
Chap-13 Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, Permits
Chap-14 Information In Electronic Form
Chap-15 Particulars of Facilities to Citizens
Chap-16 Particulars of Public Information Officers (Updated -21.07.2015)
Chap-17 Other Useful Information
Chap-18 RTI FEE
Chap-19 RTI Act 2005 (Punjabi)
Chap-20 Clarification regarding format in which the 'Information' should be supplied under the RTI Act, 2005
Chap-21 Proforma of Application under RTI Act, 2005
Chap-22 Standard Instructions on Distribution System and Construction Practices (Proactive Disclouser)

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