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What is the procedure followed to take a decision for various matters ? ( A reference to Secretariat Manual and Rule of  Business Manual, and  other rules/regulations etc can be made)

As per Regulation 4 of Regulations of Conduct of Business-1980:

i)        All cases referred to in the First Schedule appended to these regulations are brought before the Board in accordance with the provisions of  regulations contained in part-II of these regulations.

ii)       All cases referred to in the Second Schedule are disposed of collectively by the Whole-time-Members of the Board on its behalf.

iii)     All other matters not covered under the Schedule-I & II are disposed of in accordance  with the general or special orders passed  by the Chairman.



What are the documented procedures/laid down procedures/Defined Criteria / Rules to arrive at a particular decision for important matters ? What are different levels through which a decision process moves ?

As per 9.1 above . The followings are the different level under Secretatiate/CE's  office through which a decision process moves:

Secretariat                                  CE's office

1.      Supdt.                                    AE/XEN

2.      Under Secy./Dy.Secy.                 S.E.

3.      SE Personnel/Tech/Inquiry      C.E.


4.    Secretary.




What are the arrangements to communicate the decision to the public ?

The decisions taken at the level of WTMs / Board are communicated to the concerned office by the meeting section. These decisions are further  communicated to the Public through Press/ other Media if these are related to the public.


Who are the officers at various levels whose opinions are sought for the  process of decision making ?

The concerned HODs move the proposal for decision.  If finance of the Board is involved, the views of finance are taken and if the matter is legal the views of Legal Advisor are sought.


who is the final authority that wets the decision ?

As brought out in para 9.1 the final authority is WTM/Board/Member In charge for taking decision.


Please provide information separately in the following format for the important matters on which the  decision is taken by the public authority:


i)                    Subject on which the decision is to be taken

ii)                   Guideline/direction, if any

iii)                 Process of Execution

iv)                 Designation of the officers involved in decision making.

v)                  Contact information of above mentioned officers.

vi)                 If not satisfied by the decision, where and how to appeal.

There are  numerous subjects delt with by PSEB such as commercial, accounts, Estt., purchase proposals ( Stationery, furniture, plant & machinery, land acquit ion)  for which delegation is with the  various authorities . the  cases are processed by different HODs to whom these concern for orders of the C.A. i.e. Member In Charge/ WTMs/ Full Board . The entire information as sought for as already  been given in the para 9.1 to 9.5.

           Please provide information separately in the following format for the    important matters on which the decision is taken by the public authority.




Subject on which the decision is to be taken


To settle the differences/disputes arising between the Board and the consumers. 

The cases are reviewed where supplementary amount is billed to any consumer as a result of checking carried out by task force/operation organization /enforcement or any other agency or officer of PSEB.

Guideline/Direction, if any


The consumer or his authorized representative has been provided opportunity to present his case.

Process of Execution


After considering the representation of the consumer, if any, and after hearing him or his authorized representative at the time of review proceedings.

Designation of the officer in decision making.



Divisional Dispute Settlement Committee: 1.Chairman:             Addl. SE/Sr. XEN(DS)

2.Member      One officer from Accounts and Finance Cadre not below the rank of Accounts Officer.

3.Member      XEN /AEE/ AE to be disgnated by the SE(DS) Circle from within the circle.

The committee will have the jurisdiction to dispose of the complaints involving pecuniary disputes upto Rs. 50,000, in each case.

Circle Level Dispute Settlement Committee:

1.Chairman:             Dy.C.E/SE/(DS)

2.Member                Dy.C.A.

3.Member                Sr. XEN /Sales


4.Members               One representatives of the Industry (To be nominated by Director Industry and Commerce Punjab).


5.PresentingOfficer Addl.SE/Sr.XEN (DS)                            

6. Nodal Officer Sr. XEN/Addl S.E./ Tech    


The committee will have the jurisdiction to dispose of the complaints involving pecuniary disputes of an amount exceeding Rs. 50,000/- and upto Rs. Two Lacs, in each case.

Zonal Level Dispute Settlement Committee:

1.Chairman              :        CE(DS) concerned

2.Member                 :      Chief Auditor/CAO(Revenue)

3.Member                 :       SE/Sales or SE/Billing


4.Members               :     One representative from the     Industry.(As recommended by Director of Industry and Commerce Punjab)


5.Members                5.Presenting Officer:       Dy.C.E/SE/DS concerned


6. Nodal Officer: S.E.\Dy. C.E. Head Quarter

7. Nominated Member

Representative of the consumer corganization (To be nominated by the divisonal Commissioner in case where the zone comprises of more than one district or Deputy Commissioner where the zone comprises of one district only.)  

The committee will have the jurisdiction to dispose of the complaints involving pecuniary disputes of an amount exceeding Rs. Two Lacs, in each case.

Before submitting a complaint involving billing disputes, the consumer will be required to deposit 20% of the total disputed ammount and attach a copy of the receipt with the complaint.

Forum for Redressal of Grievances of Consumers

1.Chairman:                       CE

2.Member:                          Independent

3.Member:                          C.A.O.   

5.PresentingOfficer:           Sr.Xen

In case the chairperson of the forum is unable to discharge the functions owning to absence, illness or any other cause, the other member who is an officer of the licensee shall discharge the functions of the chairperson, untill the day on which the chairperson assumes office

Appeal against the decisions of disputes settlement committees to be filed within three months.


If not satisfied by the decision where and how to appeal


In case the consumer is not satisfied with the decision of the forum an appeal can be filed with OMBUDSMAN by depositing 50% of the ammount assessed by the Forum (incl of amount already deposited on this account)


Contact information of above officers




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