A statement of boards, council, committees and other bodies constituted as its part.

Name & Address of the affiliated body: -

Dispute Settlement Committees: -

Dispute Settlement Committees are constituted by PSEB to provide opportunity to resolve consumer disputes effectively and amicably. The different types of committees are: -

7.1 Name of the Dispute Settlement Committee Address

(i) Circle Level Dispute Settlement Committee: Office of respective SE/DS

(ii) Zonal Level D.S.C. Office of respective CE/DS.

(iii) Dispute Settlement Authority Shakti Sadan, Opp. Kali Devi Mata Mandir,. The Mall, Patiala

(iv) Board Level Review Committee PSEB, Head Office, The Mall Patiala.

> Type of Affiliated Body: - Committees

Brief introduction of the Affiliated Body: -

The basic aim of constitution of these committees is to provide an inexpensive & expeditious opportunity to the consumers to represent against any payment /assessment made by Board official/officers. These committees were constituted in the year 1999.

> Role of the Affiliated Body:-

The role of these committees is to review the assessment after considering the representation of the consumer, if any, and after hearing him or his authorized representative.

> Structure and Member Composition:-

Circle Level Dispute Settlement Committee

Zonal Level Dispute Settlement Committee

Dispute Settlement Authority (DSA)

For cases above Rs.25,000/- and upto Rs.1 lac

Above Rs.1 lac upto Rs. 5 lacs

Above Rs. 5 lacs

Chairman : Dy.CE/SE/DS con.

Member : Dy.CAO/Dy.CA

Member :Addl.SE/Sr.Xen/Enf

Member : Dy.Dir/Sales

Members :Three Representatives from the Industry

PresentingOfficer: Addl.SE/Sr.Xen/DS con.

Chairman : CE/DS concerned

Member : Chief Auditor

Member :Dir/Sales & Dir/Billing


Member : Director/Enf.concerned

Members : Three Representatives from the Industry

Presenting Officer : Dy.CE/SE/DS con.

Chairman: CE

Member: Dy.CE/SE


Members: Two Representatives of Industry

PresentingOfficer: Sr.Xen

Dispute Settlement Authority works on full time basis. The Administrative control of the authority is under the Chairman, PSEB. The headquarter of the authority are at Patiala. The authority is empowered for site checking & holding of meetings at different stations, if situation so warrants. The decision of the authority is final as for as PSEB is concerned.

> Head of the Body:

The Chairman of each committee is the head of the Committee.

> Address of main office and its branches:

The office of circle level Dispute settlement Committee & Zonal level Dispute Settlement Committee is the concerned office of Dy.C.E /S.E/DS and concerned Chief Engineer/DS. The office of Dispute Settlement authority is Shakti Sadan, Opp. Kali Devi Mandir, The Mall, Patiala.

> Frequency of meetings:

DSCs ?at least once a month (min.)

DSA - four meetings in a week.

> Can Public participate in the meeting

The concerned consumer or his representative.

> Are the minutes of meeting prepared

Yes, the minutes of meeting are Prepared.

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