Vide Notification No 1/9/08-EB(PR)196,dated-16.04.2010 Govt. of Punjab unbundled Punjab State Electricity Board into two companies

  • Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. (POWERCOM)
  • Punjab State Transmission Corporation Ltd. (TRANSCO)
  • In exercise of the Power conferred by article -45 of the Articles of Association of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited and Punjab State Transmission Corporation Ltd.and all other Powers enabling him on this behalf, Governor of Punjab is appoint the following Chairman cum Managing Directors and Directors of the above Corporations with immediate effect. The appointment will be initialy for a period of one year from the date of joining:-


    1. Er. K. D. Chowdhry               Chairman cum Managing Director
    2. Sh. G. S. Bachi                       Director/Administration
    3. Er. K. L. Sharma                    Director/Distribution
    4. Er. M. R. Parhar                    Director/Generation
    5. Sh. S. C. Arora                       Director/Finance
    6. Er. Surinder Pall                    Director/Commercial


    1. Sh. Umakanta Panda                          Chairman cum Managing Director
    2. Sh. Umakanta Panda                          Director/Finance & Commercial
    3. Er. Shashi Prabha                                Director/Technical
    4. Mr. Niraj Hitabhilashi Tayal              Director/Administration

    Duties/Functions of Chairman cum Managing Director and Directors of

    Chairman cum Managing Director (PSPCL)

    1. General Administration
    2. Gazetted establishment (concerning Class-I, officers and above except Sr. Executive Engineers and Addl.SEs).
    3. Postings and transfers of all gazetted officers, Sr. Xens and equivalent level and above
    4. Calling of explanations/issue of Show Cause Notices/Charge sheets in respect of Superintending Engineers and Sr. Executive Engineers.
    5. Vigilance & Security.
    6. Administrative approval for creation, up gradation abolition, diversion, conversion etc. of gazetted posts.
    7. Matters related to:-
       i.   CE/ EA & Enforcement
       ii.  CE/HRD
      iii.  CE/TA & Inspection
      iv.  Chief/IR&W
       v . Forum for Redressal of Grievances of the consumers
    8. Legal matters.
    9. All policy issues relating to Commercial/purchases/ procurement.
    10. Priority/compassionate appointment cases
    11. Recruitment cases
    12. Functions and items of work not specially entrusted to any other Director.

    Office Order No. 02/BD-526 Dt. 15th June, 2010
    And further amended vide O/O No. 03/BD-526 dated 25.6.2010.
    Consequent upon the transfer scheme for Punjab State Electricity vide Pb. Govt. (Department of Power)
    Chandigarh Notification No.1/ 09/08-EB (PR)/196 DT. 16.4.2010 and appointment of CMD and Directors of Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd., I Er. K.D. Chaudhary, CMD, Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd., in exercise of power vested in me subject to Article 50 of Articles of Association and the resolution passed by the Board of Directors in its 4th Meeting  held on 10th June, 2010 at Mohali hereby distribute the duties /functions amongst the Directors of the POWERCOM as under:-


    1. Chief Engineer/Hydel Projects.
    2. Chief Engineer/O&M, GGSSTP, Ropar.
    3. Chief Engineer/O&M, GNDTP, Bathinda.
    4. Chief Engineer/Const. GHTP, Lehra Mohabbat.
    5. Chief Engineer/O&M, GHTP, Lehra Mohabbat.
    6. Chief Engineer/Thermal Design, Patiala.
    7. OSD/Coal Management, Patiala.
    8. Chief Engineer/Civil Design & Construction.


    1. All CEs/Distribution.
    2. Chief Engineer/ RE & APDRP.
    3. Chief Engineer/Metering.
    4. Chief Engineer/Store & Disposal.
    5. Chief Engineer/MM.
    6. Chief Engineer/Planning.
    7. Chief Engineer/Workshops.
    8. Chief Engineer/Commercial.


    1. Chief Engineer/ ARR & Tariff Regulation.
    2. Finance and Budget, Income & Expenditure, Accounts & Audit, Banking arrangements, Loan/Borrowings, investment and reserve.
    3. Disciplinary cases of Dy. CAO, Dy. C.A., Dy. F.A., Sr. Accounts Officer & Accounts Officer/ Appeals of Non Gazetted Estt. i.e. ARA/IA/Divisional Accountant/ Revenue Supdt./SAS Accountant etc. whose appointing  and punishing authority is CAO/Chief Auditor.
    4. Matters relating to Estt. of Accounts Officers.
    5. Postings & transfers of AOs/Sr.A.Os.


    1.   i.      Public Relations
        ii.     Sports
       iii.     Culture
    2. All establishments, disciplinary cases of Assistant Engineers and Assistant Executive Engineers.
    3. Postings & transfers of AEs/ AEEs and below ranks.
    4. Non Gazetted Estt. (Head Office):
      a) All matters including complaints, disciplinary action, punishment and appeals.
      b) Non gazetted Estt. of field offices except IAs, ARAs, Divisional Accounts/Revenue Supdts. /SAS Accountants etc. whose appointing and punishing authority is Chief Accounts Officer/Chief Auditor.
    5. Industrial Relations, Labour Welfare, Social and staff welfare and language.
    6. Advances from Provident Fund) Except those of Members. (In relaxation of Rules)
    7. Cases for purchase of land
    8. Cases relating to purchase of stationary and printing of forms beyond the competency of Secretary/Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary in consultation with the Finance Section.
    9. Sanction of hiring of private accommodation for Board's  offices beyond the competency of Secretary.
    10. Cases relating to re-imbursement of medical charges (except CEs) beyond the competency of Secretary/ CEs/CAO.
    11. Cases concerning compensation under the Workmen Compensation Act and claims against accidents.
    12. Cases relating to administrative approval of proposal for amendment/revision of various regulations and delegation of powers.
    13. Administrative approval for creation, up gradation, abolition, diversion, conversion etc. of non gazetted posts (Head office administration).

    Chief / I R & W (PSPCL)

    1. Dy. Secretary/Finance-I
    2. Dy. Secretary/Finance-II
    3. Dy. Secretary/Rectt (Through Dy. CE/Personnel)
    4. Dy. Secretary/Meetings
    5. Dy. Secretary/Services-II (Through Dy. CE/Personnel)
    6. Dy. Secretary/General (Through Dy. CE/Personnel)
    7. Dy. Secretary/Est.-I (Through Dy. CE/Personnel)
    8. Dy. Secretary/Personnel
    9. Under Secretary/Secret Gazetted
    10. Dy. CE/Technical/SE/Enquiry
    11. Legal Advisor
    12. Dy. CE/Enquiry/SE/Enquiry

    Since the duties/functions of erstwhile Secretary, PSEB have been entrusted to Chief/IR & W, as such the financial powers vested in erstwhile Secretary, PSEB as per Delegation Of Powers are hereby delegated to Chief/IR & W. Accordingly the files of Dy. Secy./Services-I being submitted directly to erstwhile Secretary, PSEB will now be submitted directly to Chief/IR & W. However, files for postings and transfers of AEs/ AEEs will henceforth be submitted directly to Director/ Administration and that of Sr. Xens and above ranks will be submitted directly to CMD, Powercom.
    Decision of the (erstwhile PSEB, Whole Time Members and Managing Committee) or Predecessor of a member shall not be changed by the Directors without prior approval of the undersigned (CMD/ Powercom).
    Proposals for consideration of cases in the meeting of WTDs/Board of Directors will be routed through the Company Sectary, who will put up the same to the CMD after Financial and Legal examination, where required.
    The above duties and functions shall be carried out by the Directors/Chief/ I R & W under the general supervision, directions of the CMD/Powercom, who may, in his discretion, call for any case and/or suo-moto pass any orders upon a case for compliance.

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