PSEB intends to introduce Video Tele Conferencing solution at around 40 locations. An EOI is invited from reputed companies in this field  to examine their capability for setting up this facility which should be user friendly and scalable .

1.0                   Eligibility Criteria;

  1. The bidder should be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the suggested solution or an authorized dealer for the suggested solution having back to back support arrangement with the OEM of the suggested solution (In case of authorized dealer, copy of the valid authorization from the OEM to be supplied).
  2. The bidder should have set up Video Tele Conference network covering at least 15  (fifteen) locations with established service network across the country (Documentary proof to be supplied).
  3. The OEM should have minimum  average annual turnover of Rs. 300 Crore in the past three years (Copy of profit and loss accounts for the last three financial years in respect of OEM  i.e. for the year 2006-07,2007-08 & 2008-09 to be supplied ).

 Note:   In case of an authorized dealer, the OEM shall be responsible for faithful execution of the contract in all respects.

2.0 Offices to be covered:

To begin with, the following offices are  proposed to be covered  for providing this facility  :-

  1. Chairman /PSEB office at Patiala and Mohali
  2. Conference Room at Patiala. (Multipoint Video Teleconferencing)
  3. Member/Distribution,Member/Transmission,Member/Generation, Member/F&A & Sercretary/PSEB (5 Nos.)
  4. All Chief Engineer/DS, Zonal offices at Patiala,Ludhiana,Jalandhar , Bathinda & Amritsar (5 Nos.)
  5. Chief Engineer/P&M, Ludhiana.
  6. Chief Engineer/ Thermal Designs, Patiala
  7. Chief Engineer/O&M, GGSSTP,Ropar
  8. Chief Engineer/O&M, GNDTP, Bathinda
  9. Chief Engineer/O&M, GHTP, Lehra Mohabbat
  10. All Dy. CEs/SEs /DS Circles,PSEB.(20 No.) (Total: 38 Nos.)
  1. Scope of Work:

 3.1The bidder shall provide point to point Video Tele Conferencing equipment at all the locations except conference room at  Head Office, Patiala where multipoint   Video Tele Conferencing equipment shall be installed.  The firm shall carry out the installation &  testing of hardware and associated software and commissioning of the application and maintain the equipment /software for a period of three years after expiry of  free warranty period .   

3.2  The prospective bidder may explore MPLS VPN connectivity being provided at the locations/ offices  mentioned above for the suggested solution to be offered.                                     
4.0Technical details to be supplied :

The bidder alongwith their Expression of Interest (EOI) shall provide detailed write up of the suggested solution alongwith  technical specifications of the suggested hardware /software for commissioning of this application  on the following proforma:


Description of equipment

Qty. proposed to be installed

Detailed Technical Specifications

Name of OEM/
Standard warranty











5.0       NOTE:
i)            A response to EOI not fulfilling the above eligibility criteria/supported by requisite documentary proofs will be out rightly rejected.
ii)            The interested parties may submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to this office  latest by  30th July 2009 through letter/fax . 


Dy.Chief Engineer/IT,

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