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APPLICATION NO._______________









            Intimation of Acceptance of A&A form and Demand Notice.

Dear Sir/Sirs,

1.         Your application for_________KW load with_________KVA Contract Demand, Single/Three Phase 230 V/400V/11KV/33KV/66KV/132KV/220 KV under DS/NRS/ SP/ MS /LS/AP/BS/Street Lighting/RT/TM category against requisition forms /A&A forms submitted on dated____________has been accepted subject to the testing of your installation being found satisfactory.

2.         The Punjab State Power Corporation Limited undertakes to give supply provided you remit the following charges which are at current rates.  In case these charges are revised at the time of release of connection/load, you would be liable to pay the difference, if any.

a)         Rs._________as Service Connection Charges/Fixed and variable charges payable as per Schedule of General and Service Connection Charges.

b)         Rs.__________as balance amount of Advance Consumption Deposit as per Schedule of General and Service Connection Charges.

c)         Rs.___________as Special Deposit such as____________.

d)         Rs.___________as Meter Security as per Schedule of General and Service Connection Charges.

3.         You are required to install Shunt Capacitor of_________KVAR capacity and the details of the capacitors be indicated in the Test Report.

4.         Details of Step down transformers including furnace or distribution transformer to be Installed by HT consumers be indicated in Test Report.  Clearance of Chief Electrical Inspector, Punjab allowing energisation of transformer be attached.

5.         Power of attorney in favour of duly authorized person/representative executing the Agreement be supplied, in case of partnership firms, registered societies and limited companies.

6.         In case of Industrial connection(except falling under green category), you are required to obtain clearance certificate from Pb. Air and Water Pollution Control Punjab State Power Corporation Limited and furnish the same with the test report.

7.         You are requested to install earth leakage protective device of suitable capacity and indicate the same in the test report.

NOTE:-           This provision is applicable for applicants availing connections at lower voltage with power requirement of 5 KW or more or where electric power is required for X-ray installation or luminous tube sign installation and those at medium or high voltage.

8.         Copy of Challan for having deposited Rs._______________in the treasury on account of inspection fee of Chief Electrical Inspector be attached.

9.         This demand notice is valid for the period of 2/3 months from the date of issue.  If the requisite formalities as mentioned above are not complied within the validity period of ________months from the date of issue of demand notice, your application shall be liable for cancellation without  serving any further notice in this regard.  However, if you want extension in the validity period of demand notice, a request in this regard should be made to this office up to_________ before expiry of validity period alongwith a deposit of Rs._______as extension fee.  Please note that if no such request for extension in demand notice period is received before the date of expiry of original demand notice period, your application shall automatically be treated as cancelled and the same shall not be revived afterwards.

10.       You may also supply the undertaking/documents as under:-

11.       Please return this letter duly signed alongwith compliance of above stipulations.

Yours faithfully,



List of documents to be submitted:-

1.         Test Reports

2.         Details and particulars of shunt capacitors

3.         Detail and name plate data of step down transformer

4.         Particulars and name place data of the energy consuming appliances for industrial and AP consumers.

5.         Clearance Certificate from PPCB if applicable or affidavit.

6.         Certificate/document for claiming priority if applicable.

7.         Copy of challan of CEI and permission accorded by him.

8.         Other documents in terms of Regulation No.3,.


            A Sum of Rs.______________________is being remitted herewith in Cash/Cheque No.____________________dated__________________on_________________Bank__________________________________

            a)         Service Connection Charges/                        Rs._____________________________

                        Fixed Variable Charges

            b)         Advance Consumption Deposit          Rs._____________________________

            c)         Special Deposit/Other Charges e.g.  Rs._____________________________

            d)         Security for meter                               Rs._____________________________



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