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1. SHAHPUR KANDI HEP (206MW) Contact No. 0175-2301578 Mob. +91-96461-21114  Fax No. 0175-2205249


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Shahpurkandi Dam Project comprising of 55.5 high concrete Dam, 7.70 Km long Hydel Channel, 2 nos. Head Regulators 2 no. Power Houses of total 206 MW capacity are being constructed on River Ravi to provide a balancing reservoir to have uniform water releases for Upper Bari Doab Canal, Kashmir canal off taking from Madhopur Head Works and high level Ravi Canal (J&K) which will off take from right side of Shahpurkandi Dam Project and to ensure optimum power generation during peaking hours from Ranjit Sagar Dam Project. J&K will get 20% of power generated from this project at bus bar rates.


Shahpurkandi Dam Project has been declared as ‘National Project’ by Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India during February 2008. Planning Commission Government of India has accorded investment clearance for Rs. 2285.81 Cr   at April 2008 price level during February, 2010 and the cost apportionment between Irrigation and Power component is 28.61% and 71.39% respectively. As per the guidelines of the National Project, Govt. of India shall provide 90% of the cost of Irrigation component as Central Assistance and 10% shall be provided by Punjab Govt. Funds for power component shall be provided by Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd for which REC has sanctioned the loan amounting to Rs. 1468 Crore.

 Village                                    :           Shahpurkandi (11 Km D/S of Ranjit Sagar Dam Project) and 8 Km U/S of Madhopur Head  works.

Teshil                                     :           Pathankot

Distt.                                       :           Pathankot

River                                       :                Ravi

Nearest Railway Stations    :           Madhopur /Pathankot/ Chakki Bank

Nearest Airport                     :             Pathankot (16 Km from Shahpurkandi T/Ship)



  1. Design flood Discharge                               :           21500 cumec (7,50,400 cusec)
  2. Live Storage Capacity                                  :           9.74 million Cum
  3. Maximum Height of Dam                             :           55.50 m
  4. Top Level of the Dam /Crest Level             :           EL 407.50m /  EL 380.00m
  5. Pond Level Maximum / Minimum               :           404.50 m / 402.50m
  6. Length of Overflow Section                                    :           415.00 m
  7. No. of bays/ Size of Spillways Gates         :           22 bays of 12m x 7m size




  1. of Units                         :    7 Nos.
  2. Power House-I             :    3 Units of 33 MW   each
  3. Power House-II :    3 Units of 33 MW each &  one no. 8 MW unit
  4. Total generating capacity :     206 MW
  5. Designed head :     15 m for 33 MW Units & 23.25 m for 8 MW unit
  6. Type of turbine :      Vertical Kaplan
  7. Power generation per year :      92 MU


Execution of Electro- Mechanical Works

 As per decision of Govt. of Punjab, civil works of this project are to be executed by the Irrigation Deptt. Govt. of Punjab and Electro & Mechanical (E&M) works of the project are to be carried out by the PSPCL. Accordingly a three part Global tender enquiry was floated on 01.01.13 for execution of Electro-Mechanical   (E & M) works on EPC mode basis. Notification of Award for Electro-Mechanical (E & M) works of 206    MW Shahpurkandi Hydro Electric Project (HEP) on EPC mode basis to M/S BHEL, New Delhi has been issued on 29.01.2014.



  • To act as balancing reservoir for optimum utilisation of releases from Ranjit Sagar Dam Project.
  • Shall regulate and ensure uniform supplies to downstream Canal System.
  • Increased and intensive irrigation benefits for 3.48 lac hectares in Punjab.
  • Shall provide Irrigation facility to 5000 hectares in Punjab & 32173 hectares in J&K.
  • Shall produce 1042 MU of electricity annually.
  • Complete water of River Ravi will be utilized for irrigation as well as for power generation on downstream Hydel Projects.
  • Shall provide silt free water to existing and proposed Power Houses.
  • Development of tourism, recreational facilities and fisheries.
  • Overall socio economic development of area.

Status of Shahpurkandi Hydro Electric Project (206 MW)

The work of Main Dam along-with two Head Regulators and Hydel Channel of Shahpurkandi Dam Project being executed by Punjab Irrigation Department (PID) was started in April 2013. The civil works of Power Houses are yet to be awarded by PID.

Due to the non-resolution of interstate issues between Punjab Government and J&K Govt., the work of construction of Main Dam was halted by J&K Govt. on 30.08.2014 in their territory (as one end of Dam falls in J&K territory) when only less than 10% concreting work of construction of Main Dam was completed.

The Electro-Mechanical (E & M) works of 206 MW Shahpurkandi Hydro Electric Project (HEP) was awarded to M/S BHEL on 29.01.2014 by PSPCL with a completion period of 42 months i.e. upto 28.07.2017. The Model Testing of a scaled down model was successfully conducted but in view of stalled condition of the project, the E & M contract to BHEL was put on hold.

After stoppage of work a series of bilateral meetings were held between J & K authorities & GOP and finally with the help of Central Government, Govt. of J & K has recently in 07/2017, agreed to allow Punjab to restart the Project. After receipt of formal approval of J & K Government, the works shall be restarted.


1) Location UBDC Hydel Channel Stage-III will take off at RD 65000 (left) of UBDC Main & will  fall into River Beas Down Stream Shally Pattan.
2) Main Features: Two Power Houses shall be set up giving additional Installed Capacity of 85 MUs.
3) No. of Power Houses. 2
4) No. of Units:  PH-I = 3 Units
 PH-II =2 Units
5) Total generating capacity 3×16.4 + 2×18 = 85 MW
6) Gross Head:  PH -I = 17.03 M
 PH-II = 23.195M
7) Type of Development Run off River
8) Commissioning: By the end of 2015-16
9) Cost of Project: Rs. 1088 Crore ( 2009  level)
10) Total Energy Contribution Annually 510 MUs
11) Cost per unit: Rs. 2.49
12) Present Status Project was allocated to M/s Bhilwara Energy Ltd.Noida  for its execution on BOOT basis at agreed tariff of Rs. 2.49 per Kwh. But PPA submitted by the firm was not as per terms and conditions of standard bid guidelines and implementation agreement. In spite of repeated requests from PSPCL, firm was not agreed to rectify the terms and conditions of PPA as per standard bid guidelines and implementation agreement. The developer was repeatedly requested to take up the work of project as per the Implementation Agreement, but firm was reluctant to take up the project in the true spirit of the Implementation Agreement. Ultimately BODs of PSPCL (Erstwhile PSEB) terminated the Implementation Agreement signed with Bhilwara Energy Ltd. Firm has been informed regarding termination of implementation Agreement. The EMD amounting to Rs. 25.00  Lakh deposited by the firm has been forfeited.


1) Location To be situated at RD- 880M of newly built channel of approx, 3.5 Km length, off taking from RD-35500m of Mukerian Hydel Channel of MHP Stage-I of maximum carrying capacity 11,500 Cusecs.
2) Main Features: ·         Project envisages to provide a permanent outfall structure for the Mukerian Hydel Channel Stage-I in to river Beas & additionally to generate power.

·         The water immersed horizontal bulb generator was a new technology for BHEL and most of major components were imported.

3) No. of Power Houses. One
4) No. of Units: Two
5) Total generating capacity 2x 9 = 18 MW
6) Designed net Head: Approx. 8.23M
7) Design Discharge: 311.485 cumecs
8) Type of Development Run-of-the canal
9) Commissioning: Sept. 2014
10) Cost of Project: Approx. 302.43 Cr.
11) Total energy contribution annually 137.3 Mus  Annually in addition  saved by preventing annual forced closure of MHC-I for stone crate dumping (137.3MUs)
12) Cost per unit: Approx. Rs. 1.92 per unit
13) Cost of the Project: Rs. 302.43 Crore (Approx.)
14) Present status i)  Funds for execution have been arranged as loan from  REC.

ii)  The Electro mechanical works are being executed by BHEL on EPC basis for which order was placed in May-2004.

iii) During the construction and excavation activities problem of excess underground water was experienced due to eruption of artesian well which caused delays.

iv)  PSPCL, had rectified the site related civil works problems in 2011 & again allowed BHEL in 08/2011 to complete the project by Sept, 2013 i.e. by allowing 24 months period as allowed initially in 2004, but the project got delayed due to import of major components and new technology etc.

v)   BHEL had finally fixed the completion date as 6/2016 and later revised the completion date to 3/2017. Thus project was likely to be completed in   2016/17. However BHEL could only complete one 9 MW unit (COD: 06.06.2017) and the completion of second unit is now expected in 12/2017.

Proposed Mukerian Hydel Project-III   (50 MW)

1) Location This project is proposed to be executed at tail race of Mukerian Hydel Channel-II before escaping into river BEAS at Harike Barrage.
2) Main Features: The Project will harness residual /balance potential energy of Mukerian Hydel Channel after Mukerian Hydel Project stage-II before falling into the river at Harike Barrage.
3) No. of Power Houses. 4
(i)  Bhikhowal
(ii)  Gorsian
(iii) Raipur Arian
(iv) Kishansinghwala
4) No. of Units: 4 (1 each at above Power Houses)
5) Total generating capacity 9+11+10+12= 42 MW
(i)  Bhikhowal – 9MW
(ii)  Gorsian  –   11MW
(iii) Raipur Arian – 10MW
(iv) Kishansinghwala- 12MW
6) Gross /Design Head: (i)  Bhikhowal – 4.2 m at RD 330M
(ii)  Gorsian  –  5.32m at RD 6700M
(iii) Raipur Arian – 4.6m at RD 13700M
(iv) Kishansinghwala- 5.51m at RD 23700M
Total Head:      =  19.63M
Total Length of proposed canal:       = 23700 Mtr
7) Design Discharge: (i)  Bhikhowal – 274 cumecs
(ii)  Gorsian  –  277.12 cumecs
(iii) Raipur Arian – 272.12cumecs
(iv) Kishansinghwala- 272.12cumecs
8) Type of Development Run of canal
9) Commissioning: Under Consideration
10) Cost of Project: Rs. 517 Crore ( 2011  level)
11) Total Energy Contribution Annually 246.51MUs
12) Cost per unit: Rs.3.98
13) Present Status The pre-feasibility report prepared by AHEC Roorkee is very sketchy and proposal of PEDA differs from the AHEC report. Accordingly clarification from irrigation deptt. regarding final proposal to be accepted has been sought and the details are as under:-

As per directions of Govt. of Punjab this project is to be developed on B.O.O.T. basis through private sector and as per the Govt. of India Hydro Policy 2008, first a developer has to be selected. The developer will then prepare detailed DPR and obtain all the mandatory clearances/NOCs. The pre feasibility report got prepared by PEDA (the Nodal Agency for Small Hydro Projects of Punjab) from AHEC, IIT Roorkee differs greatly with the surveys of Project Circle of PID (Punjab Irrigation Deptt.). AHEC report shows a head/fall of 19.63 m in just 23.7 km long proposed canal with 42 MW Power Potential. Punjab Irrigation Deptt. survey shows a head/fall of 5.675m only in 27km long proposed canal and only 15 MW Power Potential. Difference of power potential is about 3 times for the similar length of canal. As per letter of projects circle, PID, during a joint survey with AHEC only a very small fall/head was found available by PID against about 5m fall/head at the site of first power house as was assessed by AHEC in their pre feasibility report. AHEC or PEDA has not provided any clarification/amendment. The report of AHEC seems faulty as the Gross/Nett head  available from tail race of MHP-II right upto pond level at Harike barrage which is about 96 km away is only 27.7/17.4 m as per ground elevation levels data, whereas AHEC has shown all the Nett fall/head of 19.63 m in 23.7 km only. So the technical feasibility and economic viability of the project has not yet been substantiated/proven and so PSPCL did not approve the Global Expression of Interest tender required under Hydro Policy of 2008, to be floated by PSPCL which would have cost PSPCL at least Rs. 50 lacs at 2009 price level.

The MHP-III project is proposed along the river bed of River Beas. MHP-II is also located along the same river bed but faced great problems due to high subsoil water near the river bed. The MHP-II project having a fall/head of 8.23 m and generation capacity of 2×9=18 MW was started in 2004 and could only be partially completed in 6/2017. Thus the construction practicality is also in doubt even if the economic viability is established.


1) Location This project is to be executed on UBDC  Main Canal.
2) Main Features: Power will be generatyed from water used for Irrigation purpose.
3) No. of Power Houses. 3
4) No. of Units: 6 (2 each at above Power Houses)
2×10.5+2×10.5+2×6.75= 55.5MW
5) Total generating capacity Punjab Share = 55.5 MW
6) Design Head: 54.6 Mtr.
7) Design Discharge: 185 cumecs with 10% overloading.
8) Type of Development Run  through canal
9) Commissioning: End 2015-16
10) Cost of Project: Rs. 869.00 Crore at  04/2010  price level
11) Total Energy Contribution Annually 602.348 lacs Units
12) Cost per unit: Rs. 3.56  at 2000 price level
13)   Present Status Shahpurkandi Extension was originally conceived with a total installed capacity of 55.5 MW. This project is proposed to be developed by re-modeling the existing UBDC canal from Madhopur Head Works up to RD 65000 ft. It involves construction of 3 No. PHs as under :

Power House No.I  =  2×10.5  =    21.0 MW

Power House No.II  =  2×10.5  =   21.0 MW

Power House No.III = 2×6.75   =   13.5MW

                       Total = 55.5 MW

The capacity of the channel after remodeling shall be 13500 cusecs and the total length of the channel will be about 20 KMs. The cost of the project is approximately Rs. 500 Cr. at Nov. 2000 price level and the annual generation shall be about 192 MU. The project was to be developed on BOOT basis. Chief Engineer/SPKD has been requested to revise the DPR so as to arrive at the current cost of the Project.

The Punjab Government vide its notification no. 1/5/02/SK-02/17077 dated 20.8.2002 had cleared the project for its execution. It was decided in the meeting held on 21.05.2002 under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, GOP that due to financial constraint, the possibility of developing this project through private investment be explored.

The project was not considered techno-economically viable on dependable year basis by the Special Purpose Technical Committee (SPTC) in its 32nd Meeting held on 24-04-2003. The post Ranjit Sagar Dam water releases available in the river Ravi were analyzed by the Punjab Irrigation Department and consequently Dr.M.R.Goyal, the then Consultant of PSPCL, advised to develop the project as a peak load station by installing total generation capacity of 83.25 MW. In the latest meeting of the SPTC held on Jan.24, 2012 at Chandigarh, it was decided that economic viability of the project at the prevailing prices/rates may be reviewed by the Superintending Engineer (S.E.) Project Cirle, Irrigation Branch Chandigarh and the incremental cost study may also be conducted for the additional power capacity planned for the project.

The S.E. Project Circle revised the DPR for the 55.5 MW proposal to reflect the existing price levels. The cost of the project has been revised approximately Rs. 869 Cr. at April. 2010 price level. The plant load factor of the project works out of 12.2% with annual anticipated generation of   5835 M.U.

In view of comments endorsed vide no.268-69/SKHHEP/PP-II dated 3.12.2012, the S.E. Project Circle has now submitted the incremental cost studies which estimate the additional cost of putting up an additional unit at each Power House. In the new proposal, the capacity of the project is as under:-

Power House No.I  =  3×10.5  =  31.5MW

Power House No.II  =  3×10.5  =  31.5MW

Power House No.III  = 3×6.75  =  20.25MW

Total     = 83.25MW

The costing studies conducted by SE, Project Circle seem to be in order. For creation of additional power capacity of 27.75 MW, incremental cost of Rs. 240 crore has been worked out i.e. 8.65 crore per MW and 8.94 million units per annum. This gives a very low plant load factor (PLF) of 3.7% which makes the proposal untenable. The project cannot be deemed to be attractive on economic considerations as recorded in letter no. 2803-05/Planning dated 14.11.2014 of CE/Planning, PID, Chandigarh.